Core storage solutions.
The most reliable core boxes on the market.

Core Boxes

Coeur Products invented the wax impregnated corrugated core box. Our core boxes were designed for efficient shipping, storage, and ease of construction. Easy to fold, our core boxes are durable and perform in both hot and cold temperatures. The industry leader in wax impregnated technology; we manufacture the strongest, most durable core box on the market.

With core box inventories stored at facilities in Nevada, Idaho, Arizona and Hermasillo, Mexico, Coeur Products is positioned to fulfill your core box demands with little to no lead-time.

Available Sizes

Plastic and wood core boxes are also available.

Core Box Covers

Protect your investment.  Coeur Products core box covers offer the best, most-durable, all-weather solution to keep your core boxes protected outside.  Call us to learn more about our core storage solutions.

Yellow corebox cover.
Coeur Products corebox cover
Corebox cover
Coeur Products Corebox cover.